Traditional Bicycle and electric bicycle

The traditional bicycle as we all know is the two-wheeled and in some cases three-wheel vehicle, which moves with the muscular strength of the rider's legs (cyclist) and controlled the course of cyclist's hands.

The traditional bicycle was and still is a very widespread and beloved vehicle. The number of bikes globally it is estimated that over a billion. The special feature of the bike that the bears be dear to young and old alike is the ability to respond to quite different requirements, such as moving, sports and entertainment.

The electric bike is almost like a traditional bicycle, consider a normal bike and add to it various electrical components, such as a small motor, a battery and a control/switch transmission. These are the basics every electric bicycle in today's market of bicycles.

The electric bikes are so designed to helps the cyclist with the power of a small electric motor, for more comfort and relaxing walks.

The electric bike leverages the human force and not replacing it completely. Makes driving much easier, helps to exceed very easily what the twists and the headwind and offers greater flexibility and the ability to travel longer distances without being too tired and sweat.

The more important in a traditional or an electric bike is the quality of construction materials. The electric bike what important material is the motor and the battery. The cost charging the battery is almost zero.

The motor of the various electric bicycles usually have power starts from 200W and up to the 1000W or even more. The limit in force in the European Union to be considered an electric bike as traditional bike and not a motor vehicle is the 250W but in each country can be applied and a different threshold.

The maximum speed limit in the European Union for the electric bike is 25 km/h, and this means that it does not need registration, driving license or license plates to drive your electric bike.

Most electric bikes is set for speeds up to 25 km/hour, but the actual speed may vary depending on the weight of the cyclist, the soil and the weather conditions.

What the European Union cannot demarcate, is what speed can develop a cyclist with a traditional bike. This means that using your own energy, you can reach up to 35km / h on roads with no slope.

Anyone thinking to buy traditional bicycle or electric bicycle must first investigate the specifications and technical characteristics and also fully respects the laws and always tries to create better road environment for himself and those around him.

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