The abuse of nutritional supplements

The scourge of current season is the abuse that is done with the various Nutritional Supplements.

In the event that will be granted to any one dietary supplement must first become a nutritional assessment by a clinical dietician in collaboration with doctor, otherwise there is a serious risk of excessive intake of various ingredients with very serious consequences for health.

The abuse of nutritional supplements, vitamins and antioxidants, and the long reception makes great evil in the human body. If any exceed the upper tolerable levels, then begin to create side effects and toxicity in the body.

The abuse of nutritional supplements, vitamins and antioxidants will cause several serious health problems such as abnormalities in the kidneys, liver and pancreas, heart problems and many other serious side effects.

Everyone, if it loves himself and thinks his beloved persons, should be instructed on the topic of healthy diet and specifically in the subject of supplements of diet a specialist physician doctor and a special nutritionist.

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