Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet according to what they say various experts has proven to be very good and healthy diet.

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by the eating habits were mainly the inhabitants of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain.

The Mediterranean diet is known and renowned for its beneficial properties. Among other things, protect us from heart attacks and various forms of cancer, is low in calories, boosts our body and helps us to better functioning of the intestines.

The Mediterranean diet in recent years is gaining ground because many studies show that the Mediterranean dwellers live longer and also show that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries rarely suffer from heart disease and bowel cancer.

The Mediterranean diet is simple and frugal and based on greens, fruits, legumes, vegetables, dairy products, the black bread, olive oil, nuts, wine and fish and a few quantities of meat.

The Mediterranean diet is an ideal diet to maintain good health and longevity, also in combination with daily physical exercise helps us to maintain normal body weight.

On the issue of health food everyone should always consult a qualified nutritionist or dietician.

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