Marriage, the institution of marriage

Marriage is one of the sacred mysteries of the Orthodox Christian church and at the duration of performance of the sacrament of marriage in the church offered the couple the divine grace which unites and blesses.

A couple can select apart from the religious marriage may choose to also make a civil marriage with registration act in a hall proceedings before a representative of the municipality. Civil marriage is usually done when the man or woman it is from a different country or if the husband and wife are of different religions.

In the current season a lot of young pairs are afraid and perhaps they frighten in the idea of marriage because they believe that they will lose their freedom, their independence, their friends and their habits.

To get someone the decision to marry as a person should be mature and be ready for some personal sacrifices. Should have to accept the other person with the good and the bad and be the acceptance advance that with the marriage created responsibilities that limit the possibility for people to make what they want and when they want.

It should not it scares the young couples that they will lose their freedom and independence enough to agree to keep and spend at least one day of the week for their friendships and their habits.

To be successful a marriage in a couple must also the man and the woman are not selfish, always show their love, always show true concern for each other, to spend some time together and always try with comprehension and sincerity to solve the various problems that will arise.

A successful marriage creates in a couple a beautiful situation that gives it love, happiness and stability in the mental world and when come also two or three children then is the ultimate happiness and perfection in a couple because now creates his own family.

The institution of marriage in my humble opinion is the foundation of family and society.

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