Marketing and Advertising

When we say Marketing we mean a premeditated and systematic planning of a mixture of activities, implementation and continuous monitoring of this plan, which is done in order to bring  buyers and sellers together for the mutually advantageous exchange and transfer of products or services within a Business.

Many times most people confuse marketing with advertising.

Mikres aggelies, small ads, adverts, classifieds - Μεγάλες και μικρές αγγελίες

The best way in order to not get overwhelmed with the marketing and advertising and in order to distinguish between advertising and marketing, is to think, or better to imagine the marketing as a pizz. Inside this pizza there is a piece of advertising, a piece for market research, a piece for instruments design, a piece for public relations, a piece for pricing of different products or services, a piece for the distribution, a piece for customer support, a piece for sales strategy and Community involvement.

The Advertising only equals one piece of the whole pizza. All these elements must not only work independently, but must also work towards the larger goal.

Marketing is a process that takes time and involves many hours of research in order to be an effective marketing plan. Think of marketing as an organized work or better as a strategy to facilitate the exchange of goods or services between a business and its consumers.

The current era is the era of the Internet and the planet earth has turned into a global village and any design for Marketing must take very seriously the Internet Marketing and the Internet Advertising.

A good and reliable product with a good Marketing will conquer even the most demanding consumers.

Advertising with banners
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