Green energy and renewable energy sources

When we say green energy we mean the renewable sources of energy, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, energy from the flow of water and energy from the biomass.

Renewable sources of energy or green energy is energy derived from nature, like the Sun, wind, geothermal and water. To make use of renewable energy sources are not needed interventions, extracting, pumping and flaring, as is done with the energy sources used so far.

The green energy or renewable energy sources are forms of energy very friendly to the natural environment because it does not release hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide or a toxic and radioactive wastes such as oil and other fossil fuels used worldwide in very large scale.

The renewable energy sources will help to make the natural environment better and to reduce the dramatic climate changes because it will reduce the exhaust emissions and other dangerous gases from large factories.

Many states adopt and finance policies for the use of renewable energy sources.

The renewable energy sources while there is the planet earth will never run out while fossil fuels will run out sometime. Also the green energy can help economically largely in energy self-sufficiency small and large countries with lower production costs.

Renewable energy sources are heavily dependent on the weather and the seasons, i.e. if there is sunshine, if there are strong winds and if there are rivers.

In the market there are many flexible applications and technical equipment that can assist in the production and storage of green energy for the needs of the residents of isolated houses, remote villages and small towns by removing the large cost of production and transportation.

With the renewable energy sources will help to save the planet Earth from climate change and will also create many jobs in all the countries and the people will become independent from hydrocarbons and nuclear energy.

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