E-book, electronic book

An e-book (electronic book) is a published book in digital form and it can be read on computers, e-readers, tablets and smart phones. Many books which are being released in printed version are also available in digital form since in our days e-books are becoming more and more popular to people.

Some e-books are free. This is one of the benefits of e-books. Furthermore, sometimes their price is lower than the one of the printed version. Since they are digital they don’t require any physical space to be stored so people need not to worry about finding spaces for keeping them in their houses. All they need is memory capacity big enough on their devices and then we can have many e-books. You can buy and download the e-book you want from the Internet anytime you want without having to go to a book store or to wait for its delivery at your home. The e-readers used for reading can provide useful functionality such as searching for specific words, highlighting sections or bookmarking pages and they can even allow you to make font changes in order to adjust the text according to your preferences.

But someone can argue that an e-book is not the same as having the book in printed version. Many readers like to have bookcases full of the books they read or to buy their favorite books in printed version.

In any case, e-books attract many people into reading and that is always a good thing.

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