Cypriot cuisine

The traditional Cypriot cuisine is rich in nutrients and is based on pure and fresh ingredients. The Cypriot dishes are considered very healthy because they are based on the Mediterranean diet and more often cooked with extra virgin olive oil.

The Cypriot cuisine based on greens, fruits, legumes, in various fresh vegetables, milk products with Cypriot halloumi which is the most delicious cheese product in the world, in black and white bread, olive oil, nuts, wine, fresh fish and meat.

The various fruits, vegetables and legumes are Cypriot production and it is always fresh and grown in almost all villages of Cyprus. Cyprus also is famous for citrus fruit, oranges, mandarins and Grapefruits, strawberries, apples, pears, watermelons, melons, grapes and figs.

From the most favorite dishes of Cypriots are grilled dishes. On the grill you will find variety of dishes of meats like spit, kebabs and sieftalies, various grilled vegetables, cheeses and halloumi on the grill and also fish and other seafood on the grill. Cypriots also like the food in the oven.

Also various legumes with extra virgin olive oil, such as beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, broad beans, peas and chickpeas are part of the daily diet of Cypriots. Also the various soups with best traditional soup with trachana, rice and chicken or rice with lamb and several other soups with vegetables.

In most Cypriot restaurants Cypriots and foreign tourists can find all their favourite dishes either grilled or ovens. For a foreign tourist who first visited Cyprus well done to visit a traditional Cypriot Tavern from the many that exist and ordered the Cypriot meze that include many small dishes with village salad, yogurt, meats and halloumi cheese on grill, French fries, fried eggs with herbs, grilled fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and as dessert offered sweets from various fruits.

Anyone foreign tourists tried the Cypriot cuisine and especially the Cypriot meze will never forget and will visit often Cyprus.

Cyprus in addition to very good and delicious Cypriot cuisine is the best place for holidays because it combines mountain and sea and has one of the best climates in the world with almost the whole time with sunny weather and beautiful beaches to make and enjoy their holidays Cypriots and foreign tourists.

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