Capital and investment capital management system

Capital called any asset or land, buildings, machinery, money or precious metals.

In this case we talk about capital investment and we mean the available money capital available to an investor for purposes of investment in stock markets.

In principle the investment capital that will invest in the stock markets should be just one part of the money capital that we have we have saved and which will not have an immediate need.

If we assume that we have a total money capital 100 thousand euro and decided to invest in stock markets a percentage of 10% of our total financial capital then the our available investment money capital for investment purposes in stock and financial markets is 10 thousand euro.

If we do not have our own ability and the experience of the financial markets should find a trusted licensed financial advisor to give us the right advice.

If we have the necessary skills and experience for the various stock markets still need much attention.

One of the key elements of managing the investment capital of a short-term, medium-term or long-term investor is the application of certain basic rules that will help to preserve the investment capital and, at the same time to win as possible.

Basic rule for any investor to be able to protect their own investment capital is that we need to know and understand what is technical analysis and what is fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis with a few words is the analysis of prices and volumes of a stock or an index or a currency with the purpose to predict the future course.

Fundamental analysis and again with a few words is the analysis of financial statements of a company, a stock or a currency with the purpose of predicting the future profitability and performance.

My own view for better performance is to combine fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Always choose on the basis of the fundamental analysis and buy or sell the stock investment on the basis of the indications and the signals that gives us the technical analysis.

For a very short-term daily investor for more to safeguard the investment capital, in parallel with the system of technical analysis, it must be applied and another very basic rule called rule of 4 %.

For the whole of their investments in the very short-term daily investor should not risk of losing more than 4% of the investment capital. With this rule will never jeopardise more than 4% of our investment capital and the rationale behind this rule is that when we have damage then it will be small and tolerable and not large and destructive.

The ideas and opinions that are described are not professional investment advice and we all must be aware that investments in the various stock markets always involve great risk for loss of our entire investment capital.

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