Advertising Banner with scrolling image or scrolling text with the marquee code

Advertising Banner with scrolling image or scrolling text can be used to advertise many products and services and this can be done with the marquee code.

Image advertising banners or text advertising banners are hyperlinked and with the use of marquee code scrolled upward or downward or sideward.

When we click on an icon or click on the text in a scrolling image or text advertising banner we are immediately transferred to the website of the product or service which is being advertised.

If we want, we can set the scrolling to pause when we scroll the mouse over the advertising banner.

With marquee code we can make the image advertising banner or a text advertising banner in any size we want, also if we want we can set the links to open in a new window or to open on the same page.

With the marquee code the background colour, border shadow colour, width and scroll speed can be changed as we want.

* When we click on one icon or click on the specific text on the scrolling advertising banner, we are immediately transferred to the website of the product or service which is being advertised.

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* When we click on one icon or click on the specific text on the scrolling advertising banner, we are immediately transferred to the website of the product or service which is being advertised.

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